/kruks/, n., gen. Crucis /krooh"sis/. Astron.
[ < L: a cross]

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LatinCross, also called  the Southern Cross 

      constellation lying at about 12 hours 30 minutes right ascension (the coordinate on the celestial sphere analogous to longitude on the Earth) and 60° south declination (angular distance south of the celestial equator), now visible only from south of about 30° north latitude (i.e., the latitude of North Africa and Florida). It appears on the flags of Australia, New Zealand, and Samoa (formerly Western Samoa).

      Augustine Royer first described it as a constellation in 1679, but it has been written about since antiquity. The constellation has five bright stars, one badly placed from the viewpoint of symmetry so that the shape of the cross formed by the stars is somewhat irregular.

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