/kawr neel"yeuhn/, n.

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  • Cornelian — is a red variety of chalcedony, which is cryptocrystalline quartz. Its red colour is due to the presence of iron impurities in the form of iron oxide or hematite. It can vary from a flesh red to a clear red. It is usually cut en cabochon, or into …   Wikipedia

  • Cornelian — Cor*nel ian (k?r n?lyan), n. [F. cornaline, OF. corneline, fr. L. cornu horn. So called from its horny appearance when broken. See {Horn}, and cf. {Carnelian}.] (Min.) Same as {Carnelian}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cornelian — red variety of chalcedony, a variant of corneline (c.1400), from O.Fr. corneline (Mod.Fr. cornaline), dim. of corneola, probably from V.L. *cornea, from L. cornus, name of a type of berry (see CORNEL (Cf. cornel)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • cornelian — [kôr nēl′yən] n. [ME & OFr corneline, dim. < OFr corneola, prob. (because of similarity of color) < VL * cornea: see CORNEL] CARNELIAN …   English World dictionary

  • cornelian — noun Date: 15th century carnelian …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cornelian — noun A hard, reddish brown chalcedony; used in jewelery Syn: carnelian …   Wiktionary

  • cornelian — n. red gemstone; coppery red color, reddish brown color …   English contemporary dictionary

  • CORNELIAN — Cornelianae, Cornelianus …   Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions

  • cornelian — [kɔ: ni:lɪən] noun variant spelling of carnelian …   English new terms dictionary

  • cornelian — noun (U) a red or white stone used in jewellery …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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