/kongk, kawngk/, Slang.
1. the head.
2. a blow on the head.
3. Brit. the nose.
4. to hit or strike on the head.
[1805-15; of obscure orig.]
/kongk, kawngk/, v.i. Slang.
1. to break or fail, as a machine or engine (often fol. by out): The engine conked out halfway there.
2. to slow down or stop; lose energy (often fol. by out).
3. to go to sleep (usually fol. by off or out).
4. to lose consciousness; faint (usually fol. by out).
5. to die (usually fol. by out).
[1915-20; perh. of imit. orig.]
conky, adj.
/kongk, kawngk/, n. Mycol.
the shelflike fruiting body of certain wood-decaying fungi; bracket.
[1850-55, Amer.; of obscure orig.]
/kongk, kawngk/, Slang.
1. a method of chemically straightening the hair.
2. a hairstyle in which the hair has been chemically straightened and sometimes set into waves.
3. to straighten (kinky hair) by the use of chemicals: to have one's hair conked.
Also, process.
[prob. shortening and alter. of congolene, alleged to be the name of a hair straightener made from Congo copal]

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