1. Trademark. a privately owned corporation servicing the global communications satellite system and acting as the U.S. representative to and participant in Intelsat.
2. (often l.c.) a communications satellite.
[Com(munications) Sat(ellite Corporation)]

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▪ American corporation
abbreviation  of Communications Satellite Corporation,  

      private corporation authorized by the U.S. Congress in 1962 to develop commercial communications satellite systems. It was officially incorporated in 1963, with 50 percent of the stock being sold to the public and the balance to private communications companies.

      Agencies from 17 other countries joined Comsat in 1964 in forming the International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium ( Intelsat [q.v.]) for the purpose of establishing a global commercial communications network. As the managing agency for this international organization, Comsat launched a series of communications satellites, beginning with Early Bird in 1965. It also developed other advanced communications satellites for service within the United States.

      Comsat is also the U.S. representative to the International Maritime Satellite Organization (Inmarsat), which provides communications services to shipping and offshore industries. Intelsat and Inmarsat services are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.

      Comsat Video Enterprises, Inc., an unregulated subsidiary, provides entertainment and videoconferencing services to hotels in the United States. Comsat's other unregulated business activities include selling communications systems and network services to the federal government and to private companies.

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