cockaded, adj.
/ko kayd"/, n.
a rosette, knot of ribbon, etc., usually worn on the hat as part of a uniform, as a badge of office, or the like.
[1650-60; alter. of cocarde < F, equiv. to coc COCK2 + -arde -ARD]

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▪ hat decoration
French  cocarde  

      a bow or knot of ribbons worn in the hat.

      Though originally ornamental, cockades soon came to be used to broadcast identification with such various organizations as a political party, a military unit, or a household (in the form of livery). During the French Revolution the partisans of the new order wore a blue, white, and red cockade adopted from the colours of the royal family and the city of Paris. Later, French émigrés fighting against the Revolution assumed white, orange, or black and yellow cockades, depending upon the nationality of the army in which they were serving.

      In the armed forces, cockades went out of use when the army and navy ceased wearing cocked hats. A leather cockade, however, survived in the headgear of many liveried coachmen and chauffeurs.

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