/kok sid'ee oh"sis/, n. Vet. Pathol.
any of a series of specific infectious diseases caused by epithelial protozoan parasites, which may affect the intestines of birds, domestic animals, or dogs.
[1890-95; < NL Coccidi(a) (see COCCIDIUM) + -OSIS]

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      any of several gastrointestinal infections of humans and other animals produced by members of the sporozoan parasite coccidium (class Coccidea). Human coccidiosis is produced by species of Isospora; (Isospora) in its severe form it is characterized by diarrhea (sometimes alternating with constipation), fever, abdominal pain, nausea, headache, loss of appetite, and loss of weight. The symptoms appear about one week after ingestion of spores and subside spontaneously after one to four weeks. Wildlife such as bony fishes, amphibia, reptiles, birds, and mammals harbour Isospora and other genera, and each category of livestock—chickens, cattle, sheep, rabbits, pigs, etc.—has its own coccidian parasites. Coccidiosis may be controlled by sanitary conditions and possibly by administration of certain sulfonamides, arsenicals, and antibiotics. See also cryptococcosis.

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