/sit"euhrn/, n.
an old musical instrument related to the guitar, having a flat, pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings.
[1550-60; b. CITHER and GITTERN]

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 plucked stringed musical instrument that was popular in the 16th–18th century. It had a shallow, pear-shaped body with an asymmetrical neck that was thicker under the treble strings. Derived from the citole, a similar 14th- and 15th-century instrument with gut strings, the cittern had four unison courses of wire strings. Diapasons (diapason), additional courses to reinforce the basses of chords, were also common. The strings were hitched to the instrument end and passed over a violin-type, or pressure, bridge. Tuning of the principal strings was B–G–D–E (Italian) or A–G–D–E (French) in the octave below middle C.

      Two bass variants of the cittern, the orpharion and the pandora, or bandore, appeared in the 17th century. The English guitar of the 18th and 19th centuries was a cittern with six courses of strings, the upper two double.

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