See commiserative.

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  • commiseratively — adv. in a sympathetic manner, compassionately …   English contemporary dictionary

  • commiserate — commiserable, adj. commiseration, n. commiserative, adj. commiseratively, adv. commiserator, n. /keuh miz euh rayt /, v., commiserated, commiserating. v.t. 1. to feel or expr …   Universalium

  • commiserate — [c]/kəˈmɪzəreɪt / (say kuh mizuhrayt) verb (commiserated, commiserating) –verb (i) 1. (sometimes followed by with) to sympathise. –verb (t) 2. to feel or express sorrow or sympathy for; pity. {Latin commiserātus, past participle} –commiserative… …   Australian English dictionary

  • commiserate — [kə miz′ər āt΄] vt. commiserated, commiserating [< L commiseratus, pp. of commiserari, to pity < com , intens. + miserari, to pity: see MISERY] to feel or show sorrow or pity for vi. to condole or sympathize (with) SYN. PITY commiseration n …   English World dictionary

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