/serr'veuh suy"tis/, n. Pathol.
inflammation of the cervix.
[1885-90; < L cervic- (see CERVICAL) + -ITIS]

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Inflammation of the cervix of the uterus, caused by infection or irritation.

It is most common during the years of menstruation. Cervicitis can be acute or chronic and may worsen during pregnancy. It does not cause pain but may lead to polyps. The major symptom is an abundant discharge, which can impair fertility. Treatment may include antibiotics or cauterization or surgery to repair or remove the cervix; this does not affect fertility.

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      inflammation of the uterine cervix, the small, thick-walled tube that is the protruding extension of the uterus (womb) leading into the vagina. The narrow central canal of the cervix is lined with a moist mucous membrane, and it contains mucous glands. The cervix secretes most of the mucus and other fluids found in the reproductive tract; in normal circumstances, the secretions help to preserve and transport sperm from the male, and they keep the vagina bathed in fluids. The cervix serves as an excellent warm, secluded spot for bacterial invasion and growth. Vaginal infections can easily spread to the cervix. Poor drainage or blockage of the cervix causes a chronic infection. Irritation can be caused by trauma incurred during abortions or delivery, by medical instruments, cauterization, radiation therapy, or intrauterine contraceptive devices. Cervicitis is most common during the years of active menstruation; it seldom affects young girls and is only occasionally found in older women.

      Infections can be localized in one part of the cervix, or they may affect the whole structure. When the whole cervix is involved in an acute infection, there is inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane. The cervix is enlarged, firm, congested with blood, and filled with tissue fluids. The vagina is also reddened and glazed from irritation caused by the discharge. In the chronic condition, the discharge is thicker but not as abundant or as irritating. There is usually no pain. The chronic infection can spread to surrounding tissue. Common causes of a chronic condition are radiation therapy, surgical operations, deep lacerations, or deep cauterization. Overgrowth of the mucous membrane causes cervical polyps (polyp) (projecting lumps of tissue). The major symptom of all cervicitis is a profuse creamy-yellow or grayish-green discharge that may have an unpleasant odour and may be irritating. The excessive discharge can inhibit fertilization.

      Cervicitis may worsen during pregnancy. The eroded surface enlarges, polyps increase in size, and discharges are more prevalent. Infections can cause constrictions of the cervix, which may lead to difficult labour.

      Treatment of cervicitis may be cauterization, prophylactic (protective) measures, or, sometimes, surgery. Surgical procedures include cervix repair or removal; removal does not prohibit further pregnancies. See also leukorrhea; vulvitis.

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