/kav'euh tee"neuh/; It. /kah'vah tee"nah/, n., pl. cavatine /-nay/; It. /-ne/. Music.
a simple song or melody, properly one without a second part or a repeat; an air.
[1830-40; < It, equiv. to cavat(a) song (lit., something drawn out, n. use of fem. of cavata < L cavatus hollowed out, hollow; see CAVE, -ATE1) + -ina -INE1]

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 musical form appearing in operas and occasionally in cantatas and instrumental music. In early 18th-century cantatas, notably those of J.S. Bach, the cavatina was a short, epigrammatic piece sometimes sung between the speech-like recitative and the more lyric arioso. In opera the cavatina is an aria, generally of brilliant character, sung in one or two sections without repeats. It developed in the mid-18th century, coincident with the decline of the previously favoured da capo aria (in which the musical form is ABA, with the repeated A section given improvised variations). Examples occur in the operas of Mozart, Weber, and Rossini. In 19th-century bel canto operas of Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi the term came to refer to a principal singer's opening aria, whether in one movement or paired with a contrasting cabaletta. “Cavatina” is also used as the title of songlike instrumental works, e.g., in Beethoven's String Quartet, Opus 130.

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