burgomastership, n.
/berr"geuh mas'teuhr, -mah'steuhr/, n.
the chief magistrate of a municipal town of Holland, Flanders, Germany, or Austria.
[1585-95; < D burgemeester, equiv. to burg BOROUGH + meester MASTER, c. G Bürgermeister major]

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▪ political official
German  Bürgermeister 

      (“town master”), mayor or chief magistrate of a German town, city, or rural commune. The title is also used in such countries as Belgium (bourgmeistre) and The Netherlands (burgemeester). Most German towns have a burgomaster, but larger cities may have several, one being the chief burgomaster (oberbürgermeister). Burgomasters may be elected by the voters or by a council, and their power varies from place to place. The burgomaster may be chairman of the city council, or he may preside over an administrative board elected by the city council, or he may preside over a city council but have limited powers. In addition to his municipal duties, a burgomaster is a state official. He assists the state's attorney's office and attends to other state functions that are not assigned to other state officials. Burgomasters today are often trained public administrators, much like city managers in the United States.

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