bracket foot

a corner foot of a chest or the like joining the sides in a concave line.

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  • bracket foot — noun : a foot like a bracket found on cabinet furniture mitered at the corner and usually scrolled on the free sides see foot illustration * * * Furniture. a corner foot of a chest or the like joining the sides in a concave line …   Useful english dictionary

  • french bracket foot — noun Usage: usually capitalized 1st F : a bracket foot marked by simple long S curve inner lines and slightly concave vertical outer line see foot illustration …   Useful english dictionary

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  • foot iron — noun 1. : the step of a carriage 2. : a bracket for securing scenery to the stage floor …   Useful english dictionary

  • french foot — noun Usage: usually capitalized 1st F 1. : a hosiery foot used in full fashioned stockings in which the back seam of the leg is continued through the middle of the sole compare english foot 2. : french bracket foot * * * Furniture. 1. Also called …   Useful english dictionary

  • French foot — Furniture. 1. Also called knurl toe, scroll foot, whorl foot. a foot of the mid 18th century having the form of a scroll, continuing the leg downward and outward, supported by a shoe. 2. a bracket foot comprising a downward and outward… …   Universalium

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