Ci·thae·ron (sĭ-thîrʹən)
A mountain, 1,410 m (4,623 ft) high, of southeast Greece. It was considered sacred to Dionysus and the Muses.

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▪ mountains, Greece
Modern Greek  Kithairón,  

      mountain range in Greece, separating Boeotia from Megaris and Attica. Its western end reaches the Gulf of Corinth. The range has a maximum elevation of 4,623 feet (1,409 m). In ancient times, the road from Athens to Thebes crossed the range via the pass of Dryoscephalae (modern Dhríos Kefáli). On the north slope of Mount Cithaeron is Plataea, site of one of the major battles of the Greco-Persian Wars (479 BC). Cithaeron is famous in Greek mythology. There Actaeon was changed into a stag, Pentheus was torn into pieces by the Bacchantes, and the infant Oedipus was left to die. It was the scene of the mystic rites of Dionysus and of the festival of the Daedala (q.v.), in honour of Hera.

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