/blowzd/, adj.

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  • Blowzed — Blowzed, a. Having high color from exposure to the weather; ruddy faced; blowzy; disordered. [1913 Webster] Huge women blowzed with health and wind. Tennyson. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • blowzed — adj. disheveled, slovenly; ruddy of complexion …   English contemporary dictionary

  • blowzed — a. Ruddy, blowzy …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • blowzed — adjective also blowsed ˈblau̇zd Etymology: blowze or blowse + ed : blowsy …   Useful english dictionary

  • blowsed — variant of blowzed * * * blowzed or blowsed adjective Blowzy • • • Main Entry: ↑blowze …   Useful english dictionary

  • blowzy — blowzily, adv. /blow zee/, adj., blowzier, blowziest. 1. having a coarse, ruddy complexion. 2. disheveled in appearance; unkempt. Also, blowsy, blowzed, blowsed /blowzd/, blousy. [1760 70; obs. blowze wench ( < ?) + Y1] * * * …   Universalium

  • blowzy — Synonyms and related words: adipose, beat up, bedraggled, beefy, big bellied, bloated, blooming, blowzed, bosomy, brawny, burly, burnt, buxom, careless, chintzy, chubby, chunky, corpulent, dilapidated, distended, drabbletailed, draggled,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • florid — Synonyms and related words: Gothic, adorned, arabesque, aureate, baroque, befrilled, bizarre, blooming, bloomy, blossoming, blowzed, blowzy, bombastic, brain born, burnt, busy, chichi, colored, declamatory, decorated, dream built, efflorescent,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • flush — Synonyms and related words: Hygeia, SRO, ablution, abounding, abounding in riches, abundant, ace, adjacent, affluent, afterglow, air glow, align, all sufficing, ample, animate, animation, aplenty, arousal, arouse, at full length, bake, bang,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • flushed — Synonyms and related words: ablaze, afire, ardent, baking, beaming, blistering, blithe, blithesome, bloated, bloated with pride, blooming, blowzed, blowzy, blushful, blushing, boiling, boiling over, breathless, bright, bright and sunny, broiling …   Moby Thesaurus

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