blastemal, blastematic /blas'teuh mat"ik/, blastemic /bla stee"mik, -steem"ik/, adj.
/bla stee"meuh/, n., pl. blastemas, blastemata /-meuh teuh/. Embryol.
an aggregation of cells in an early embryo, capable of differentiation into specialized tissue and organs.
[1840-50; < NL < Gk blástema (blaste- verbid s. of blasteîn to sprout + -ma n. suffix denoting result of action)]

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also called  Regeneration Bud,  

      in zoology, a mass of undifferentiated cells that has the capability to develop into an organ or an appendage. In lower vertebrates the blastema is particularly important in the regeneration of severed limbs. In the salamander, for example, tissues in the stump of a limb dedifferentiate—that is, they lose their individual characteristics—and revert to an embryonic appearance. Under the influence of regenerating nerve fibres, they will form a blastema, a mound of cells resembling the original limb bud, from which the replacement limb gradually emerges.

      In some invertebrates, such as flatworms, reserve cells scattered throughout the body supply the cells of blastemas. In vertebrates, dedifferentiated skin and muscle cells at the site of a wound constitute the developing blastema. If for any reason the regenerating nerve fibres are damaged or destroyed, the blastema will fail to develop and scar tissue will form instead.

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