billow cloud

a cloud consisting of broad, parallel bands oriented perpendicularly to the wind. Also called undulatus.

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  • billow cloud — noun : a long narrow cloud or usually a series of such clouds roughly parallel to each other caused by the flow of one layer of air over another producing waves at their interface the relatively cold crests of which are cloud capped and their… …   Useful english dictionary

  • billow — ► NOUN 1) a large undulating mass of cloud, smoke, or steam. 2) archaic a large sea wave. ► VERB 1) (of fabric) fill with air and swell outwards. 2) (of smoke, cloud, or steam) move or flow outward with an undulating motion. DERIVATIVES billowy …   English terms dictionary

  • cloud — [n1] mass of water particles in air billow, brume, darkness, dimness, film, fog, fogginess, frost, gloom, haze, haziness, mare’s tail*, mist, murk, nebula, nebulosity, obscurity, ol’ buttermilk sky*, overcast, pea soup*, pother, puff, rack, scud …   New thesaurus

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