Bering Sea

a part of the N Pacific, N of the Aleutian Islands. 878,000 sq. mi. (2,274,000 sq. km).

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Body of water, northern Pacific Ocean.

Enclosed by Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, the Kamchatka Peninsula, and eastern Siberia, it covers 885,000 sq mi (2,292,150 sq km). It has numerous islands, including the Aleutians, Nunivak, St. Lawrence, and the Pribilofs. It is crossed diagonally by the International Date Line. The sea is connected to the Arctic Ocean by the Bering Strait, which separates Asia from North America and is believed to have been a land bridge during the Ice Age that enabled migration from Asia to North America. Vitus Bering's exploration of the sea and strait in 1728 and 1741 formed a basis for Russian claims to Alaska.

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