beaked /beekt, bee"kid/, adj.beakless, adj.beaklike, adj.beaky, adj.
/beek/, n.
1. the bill of a bird; neb.
2. any similar horny mouthpart in other animals, as the turtle or duckbill.
3. anything beaklike or ending in a point, as the spout of a pitcher.
4. Slang. a person's nose.
5. Entomol. proboscis (def. 3).
6. Bot. a narrowed or prolonged tip.
7. Naut. (formerly) a metal or metal-sheathed projection from the bow of a warship, used to ram enemy vessels; ram; rostrum.
8. Typography. a serif on the arm of a character, as of a K.
9. Also called bird's beak. Archit. a pendant molding forming a drip, as on the soffit of a cornice.
10. Chiefly Brit. Slang.
a. a judge; magistrate.
b. a schoolmaster.
[1175-1225; ME bec < OF < L beccus < Gaulish]

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or bill

Stiff, projecting oral structure of birds and turtles (both of which lack teeth) and certain other animals (e.g., cephalopods and some insects, fishes, and mammals).

The term bill is preferred for the beak of a bird, composed of upper and lower jaws covered by a horny sheath of skin, with the nostrils on top, usually at the base. The shapes and sizes of bills are adapted for obtaining food, preening, building nests, and other functions; they range from the long, slim bill of nectar-sipping hummingbirds to the sturdy, curved, nut-cracking bill of parrots.
(as used in expressions)
Bill Max
Blass Bill
Bradley Bill
Brandt Bill
Canada Bill
Cosby Bill
Evans Bill
Gates Bill
Haley Bill
Hartack Bill
Hickok Wild Bill
Jones Bill T.
Monroe Bill
Robinson Bill
Russell Bill
Shoemaker Bill
Tilden Bill
Veeck Bill
Wade Davis Bill
Clinton Bill
ivory billed woodpecker

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also called  Bill,  

      stiff, projecting oral structure of certain animals. Beaks are present in a few invertebrates (e.g., cephalopods and some insects), some fishes and mammals, and all birds and turtles. Many dinosaurs were beaked. The term bill is preferred for the beak of a bird, platypus, or dinosaur. Many beaked animals, including all birds and turtles, lack teeth.

      A bird's bill is composed of the upper and lower jaws covered by a horny sheath of skin. The nostrils are found dorsally, usually at the base of the bill. Bills take many shapes and sizes, adapted for food-getting, preening, nest-building, and other functions. Feeding modifications alone include the pouched fish-netting bill of pelicans; the serrated grazing bill of geese; the long, slim nectar-sipping bill of hummingbirds; and the sturdy, curved nut-cracking bill of parrots.

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