/beuh sid'ee oh muy koh"teuh/, Mycol.
the basidiomycetes considered as belonging to the phylum Basidiomycota of the kingdom Fungi.

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▪ phylum of fungi
 a large and diverse phylum of fungi (kingdom Fungi) that includes jelly and shelf, or bracket, fungi; mushrooms, puffballs, and stinkhorns; and the rusts and smuts. The club-shaped spore-bearing organ ( basidium) usually produces four sexual spores (basidiospores). Basidia are borne on fruiting bodies (basidiocarps), which are large and conspicuous in all but the rusts and smuts.

      The common name bird's nest fungus includes species of the genera Crucibulum, Cyathus, and Nidularia of the family Nidulariaceae (order Agaricales), which contains about 60 species. The hollow fruiting body resembles a nest containing eggs (peridioles). The peridioles carry the spores when they disperse at maturity.

      Many species of the subphylum Pucciniomycotina do not form fruiting bodies. The species, parasitic on higher plants, cause leaf spots, witches'-broom (tufted growth), and galls (swellings). Particularly affected are azaleas and rhododendrons. The Pucciniomycotina include smut fungi.

      Jelly fungus is the common name for several species of the cosmopolitan order Tremellales, including those of the genus Tremella (40 species), so called because they have jellylike fruiting bodies. Frequently brightly coloured (especially yellow and orange) or white, the fungi occur on decaying wood after heavy rains in late summer.

 The ear fungus (Auricularia auricula-judae), also called Jew's ear fungus, is a brown, gelatinous edible fungus found on dead tree trunks in moist weather in the autumn. One of 10 widespread Auricularia species, it is ear- or shell-shaped and sometimes acts as a parasite, especially on elder (Sambucus).

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