basic wage.

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  • basic wage — ➔ wage * * * basic wage UK US noun [C] (US usually base wage) ► HR the amount of money that someone earns, usually in an hour or in a week, not including any extra payments: »Players basic wages are topped up by performance related pay …   Financial and business terms

  • basic wage — noun or basic salary 1. : a wage or salary based on the cost of living and used as a standard for calculating rates of pay 2. : a rate of pay for a standard work period exclusive of such additional payments as bonuses and overtime * * * basic… …   Useful english dictionary

  • basic wage — /ˌbeɪsɪk weɪdʒ/ noun same as basic pay ● The basic wage is £110 a week, but you can expect to earn more than that with overtime …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • basic wage — /beɪsɪk ˈweɪdʒ / (say baysik wayj) noun 1. the minimum wage payable to an adult employee under an award or agreement. 2. the specific amount of this wage. 3. (formerly) the wage payable to an unskilled adult male worker regardless of what work he …   Australian English dictionary

  • basic wage — noun 1》 a minimum wage earned before additional payments such as overtime. 2》 Austral./NZ the minimum living wage, as determined by industrial tribunal …   English new terms dictionary

  • basic wage — HR the minimum rate of pay set by an industrial court or tribunal for a particular occupation …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • basic wage. — See base pay …   Useful english dictionary

  • basic wage rate — The wage rate paid to an operator for a specified time period worked; it excludes any payments for incentive bonus, shift premium, overtime, working conditions, and other premium payments that, when added to the basic wage rate, make up the final …   Accounting dictionary

  • basic wage rate — Fin the wages paid for a specific number of hours work per week, excluding overtime payments and any other incentives …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • wage — [weɪdʒ] noun [countable] also wages HUMAN RESOURCES money that someone earns according to the number of hours, days, or weeks that they work, especially money that is paid each week: • The average hourly wage in the industry is $8. • Workers were …   Financial and business terms

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