azeotropic /ay'zee euh trop"ik, -troh"pik/, adj.azeotropy /ay'zee o"treuh pee/, azeotropism, n.
/euh zee"euh trohp', ay"zee-/, n. Physical Chem.
any liquid mixture having constant minimum and maximum boiling points and distilling off without decomposition and in a fixed ratio, as isopropyl alcohol and water.
[1910-15; A-6 + Gk (ein) to boil + -O- + -TROPE]

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      in chemistry, a mixture of liquids that has a constant boiling point because the vapour has the same composition as the liquid mixture. The boiling point of an azeotropic mixture may be higher or lower than that of any of its components. The components of the solution cannot be separated by simple distillation.

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