/av"euh deuh vat'/, n.
a waxbill, Estrilda amandava, native to Asia, having in the male scarlet plumage with white dots on the sides and breast: raised as a cage bird.
Also, amadavat.
[1770-80; earlier amaduvad, after Amidavad, a 17th century name (perh. < Pg) for AHMEDABAD, in Gujarat, from where the birds were first exported]

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also called  Red Avadavat, Red Munia, or Lal 
 (species Amandava, or Estrilda, amandava), plump, 8-centimetre- (3-inch-) long bird of the waxbill (q.v.) group (order Passeriformes), a popular cage bird. The avadavat is abundant in marshes and meadows of southern Asia (introduced in Hawaii). The male, in breeding plumage, is bright red with brown mottling and white speckling, hence another name, strawberry finch.

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