/aw'teuh mawr"fiz euhm/, n. Math.
an isomorphism from a given set to itself. Cf. inner automorphism, outer automorphism.
[1870-75; AUTO-1 + MORPH- + -ISM]

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      in mathematics, a correspondence that associates to every element in a set a unique element of the set (perhaps itself) and for which there is a companion correspondence, known as its inverse, such that one followed by the other produces the identity correspondence (i); i.e., the correspondence that associates every element with itself. In symbols, if f is the original correspondence and g is its inverse, then g(f(a)) = i(a) = a = i(a) = f(g(a)) for every a in the set. Furthermore, operations such as addition and multiplication must be preserved; for example, f(a + b) = f(a) + f(b) and f(ab) = f(a)∙f(b) for every a and b in the set.

      The collection of all possible automorphisms for a given set A, denoted Aut(A), forms a group, which can be examined to determine various symmetries in the structure of the set A.

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