automatic transmission

an automotive transmission requiring either very little or no manual shifting of gears. Also called automatic, automatic drive.

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      arrangement of gears, brakes, clutches, a fluid drive, and governing devices that automatically changes the speed ratio between the engine and the wheels of an automobile. Since its introduction in 1939, the fully automatic transmission has become optional or standard equipment on most passenger cars. When the transmission is in the drive position, the driver has only to depress the accelerator pedal, and as the car gathers speed the transmission will shift automatically through its entire forward range of gears from low to high (ratios of the speeds of drive shaft and engine shaft) until the two shafts are directly connected through the oil in the fluid drive, which may be either a two-element fluid coupling or a three-element torque converter. When the car loses speed the transmission automatically shifts back from high to low gear.

      A fluid coupling has two vaned turbines facing each other. As the engine-driven turbine turns, a torque is transmitted by churning oil that circulates between them. (This is much like two fans facing each other; as the one is turned on and as its speed accelerates, the air flowing from it will cause the other fan to turn.) In the automobile, the oil permits the fluid coupling to slip easily at low engine speeds (thus also permitting idling while the brake is on). At high speeds the slippage is almost eliminated, and the fluid coupling functions like a solid connection.

      The hydraulic torque converter resembles the fluid coupling. Oil transmits power in both. At lower speeds the blades of a pump, or impeller, force oil against the blades of a stator. These blades deflect the oil against a turbine, therefore increasing torque. At higher speeds, as in the case of fluid coupling, the oil, stator, pump, and turbine turn together as a unit. The oil moves in different directions in different parts of a hydraulic torque converter. The pump spins and throws the oil outward. The doughnut-shaped housing that encloses the pump and turbine forces the oil toward the turbine. There it strikes the turbine blades and slides inward toward the turbine hub and then returns back through the stator. The stator is equipped with an overrunning, or one-way, clutch. This device permits the stator to be used for deflection of oil at low speeds and to move with the pump and turbine at high speeds. What is described here is the simplest system; frequently the system has more elements to deflect and direct the oil, and often a torque converter is combined with gear transmissions.

      All shifting is done by a combination of planetary gears and a speed-sensitive governing device that changes the position of valves that control the flow of hydraulic fluid.

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