charabanc or char-à-banc [shar′ə baŋ΄]
Fr char-à-banc, lit., car with bench
Brit. a sightseeing bus

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char·a·banc (shărʹə-băng') n. Chiefly British
A large bus, typically used for sightseeing.
  [From French char à bancs: char, coach, carriage (from Old French, cart. See chariot) + à, with (from Latin ad, toward. See ad-) + bancs, benches, pl. of banc(from Old French. See bank3).]

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 (from French char à bancs: “wagon with benches”), long, four-wheeled carriage with several rows of forward-facing seats, originated in France in the early 19th century. It was pulled by up to six horses and was used by private owners to convey guests on excursions. It was soon adopted in England, where two horses were used. As afterward modified in England for public transport, it was entered from the rear and had five or more rows of seats. Today sight-seeing motor coaches in Great Britain are sometimes called charabancs.

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