asterismal, adj.
/as"teuh riz'euhm/, n.
1. Astron.
a. a group of stars.
b. a constellation.
2. Mineral. a property of some crystallized minerals of showing a starlike luminous figure in transmitted light or, in a cabochon-cut stone, by reflected light.
3. three asterisks printed to draw attention to a passage it precedes.
[1590-1600; < Gk asterism(ós) a marking with stars. See ASTERISK, -ISM]

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      in mineralogy, starlike figure exhibited in light reflected or transmitted by some crystals. The stars shown by star sapphires, some phlogopite mica, rose quartz, and garnet are due to minute oriented crystals (often rutile) included within the mineral; several sets of inclusions are present, and each set produces its own ray. In minerals with hexagonal or pseudohexagonal symmetry (three equal axes at 120° all perpendicular to a fourth), three such rays produce a six-pointed star; and in those with isometric symmetry (three equal, mutually perpendicular axes), two rays produce a four-pointed star.

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