artificial ankylosis


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  • artificial ankylosis — arthrodesis …   Medical dictionary

  • artificial ankylosis — arthrodesis …   Useful english dictionary

  • ankylosis — Stiffening or fixation of a joint as the result of a disease process, with fibrous or bony union across the joint. [G. a., stiffening of a joint] artificial a. SYN: arthrodesis. bony a. SYN: synostosis …   Medical dictionary

  • arthrodesis — The stiffening of a joint by operative means. SYN: artificial ankylosis. [arthro + G. desis, a binding together] triple a. surgical fusion of the talonavicular, talocalcaneal, and calcaneocuboid joints. * * * ar·throd·e·sis är thräd ə səs n, pl… …   Medical dictionary

  • Arthrodesis — Arthrodesis, also known as artificial ankylosis or syndesis , is the artificial induction of joint ossification between two bones via surgery. This is done to relieve intractable pain in a joint which cannot be managed by pain medication, splints …   Wikipedia

  • arthrodesis — /ahr throd euh sis/, n., pl. arthrodeses / seez /. permanent surgical immobilization of a joint. Also called artificial ankylosis. [1900 05; ARTHRO + Gk désis binding together, equiv. to dé(ein) to bind + sis SIS] * * * …   Universalium

  • arthrodesis — n. artificial ankylosis: the fusion of bones across a joint space by surgical means, which eliminates movement. This operation is performed when a joint is very painful, highly unstable, grossly deformed or chronically infected, or when an… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • arthroplasty — 1. Creation of an artificial joint to correct advanced degenerative arthritis, 2. An operation to restore as far as possible the integrity and functional power of a joint. [arthro + G. plastos, formed] Charnley hip a. a form of total hip …   Medical dictionary

  • joint disease — Introduction       any of the diseases or injuries that affect human joints (joint). arthritis is no doubt the best known joint disease, but there are also many others. Diseases of the joints may be variously short lived or exceedingly chronic,… …   Universalium

  • fusion — 1. Liquefaction, as by melting by heat. 2. Union, as by joining together; e.g., bone f.. 3. The blending of slightly different images from each eye into a single perception. 4. The joining of two or more adjacent teeth during their development by …   Medical dictionary

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