/ahr'seuh noh puy"ruyt, ahr sen'euh-/, n.
a common mineral, iron arsenic sulfide, FeAsS, occurring in silver-white to steel-gray crystals or masses: an ore of arsenic. Also called mispickel.
[1880-85; ARSENO- + PYRITE]

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also called  Mispickel,  

      an iron sulfoarsenide mineral (FeAsS), the most common ore of arsenic. It is most commonly found in ore veins that were formed at high temperatures, as at Mapimí, Mex.; Butte, Mont.; and Tunaberg, Swed. Arsenopyrite forms monoclinic or triclinic crystals with an orthorhombic shape; the physical appearance of these crystals is seldom an accurate method for determining their symmetry. A series of minerals in which cobalt partially replaces iron is called cobaltian arsenopyrites; those in which the Co:Fe ratio lies between 1:2 and 6:1 are called glaucodot (see also cobaltite). Weathering alters these sulfides to arsenates: arsenopyrite to scorodite, and glaucodot to erythrite. For detailed physical properties, see sulfide mineral (table).

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