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  • Catachrestically — Catachrestic Cat a*chres tic, Catachrestical Cat a*chres tic*al, a. Belonging to, or in the manner of, a catachresis; constituting, characterized by or given to catachresis; wrested from its natural sense or form; forced; far fetched. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • catachrestically — adverb see catachresis …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • catachrestically — adverb In a catachrestic way …   Wiktionary

  • catachrestically — cat·a·chres·ti·cal·ly …   English syllables

  • catachrestically — adverb see catachrestic …   Useful english dictionary

  • catachresis — noun (plural catachreses) Etymology: Latin, from Greek katachrēsis misuse, from katachrēsthai to use up, misuse, from kata + chrēsthai to use Date: 1550 1. use of the wrong word for the context 2. use of a forced and especially paradoxical figure …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Panini (sandwich) — [ prosciutto, arugula (rocket), and bocconcini. An un grilled panino.] A panino (pronEng|paˈnino) is a sandwich made from a small loaf of bread, typically a ciabatta. The loaf is often cut horizontally and filled with salami, ham, meat, cheese or …   Wikipedia

  • catachresis — catachrestic /kat euh kres tik/, catachrestical, adj. catachrestically, adv. /kat euh kree sis/, n. misuse or strained use of words, as in a mixed metaphor, occurring either in error or for rhetorical effect. [1580 90; < L < Gk: a misuse (akin to …   Universalium

  • catachresis — noun /kætəˈkɹiːsɪs/ a) A misuse of a word; an application of a term to something which it does not properly denote.<ref name= OED /> b) A misapplication or overextension of figurative …   Wiktionary

  • catachresis — /kætəˈkrisəs/ (say katuh kreesuhs) noun (plural catachreses /kætəˈkrisiz/ (say katuh kreeseez)) 1. misuse or strained use of words. 2. the employment of a word under a false form through misapprehension in regard to its origin: causeway and… …   Australian English dictionary

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