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  • catabolically — adverb see catabolism …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • catabolically — adv. (Biology) in a catabolic manner (pertaining to the breaking down of plant and animal material in the body to release energy) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • catabolism — noun Etymology: Greek katabolē throwing down, from kataballein to throw down, from kata + ballein to throw more at devil Date: 1876 degradative metabolism involving the release of energy and resulting in the breakdown of complex materials (as… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Micrococcus — mucilaginosis Scientific classification Kingdom: Bacteria …   Wikipedia

  • amphibolic pathways — (am fe bol ik) Metabolic pathways that function both catabolically and anabolically …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • catabolism — catabolic /kat euh bol ik/, adj. catabolically, adv. /keuh tab euh liz euhm/, n. Biol., Physiol. destructive metabolism; the breaking down in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones, with the release of energy (opposed to… …   Universalium

  • catabolism — /kəˈtæbəlɪzəm / (say kuh tabuhlizuhm) noun Biology, Physiology a breaking down process; destructive metabolism (opposed to anabolism). Also, katabolism. {Greek katabolē a throwing down + ism} –catabolic /kætəˈbɒlɪk/ (say katuh bolik) …   Australian English dictionary

  • catabolism — [kə tab′ə liz΄əm] n. [< CATA + Gr bolē, a throw < ballein, to throw (see BALL2) + ISM] the process in a plant or animal by which living tissue is changed into energy and waste products of a simpler chemical composition; destructive… …   English World dictionary

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