/am"euh ranth'/, n.
1. an imaginary, undying flower.
2. any plant of the genus Amaranthus, some species of which are cultivated as food and some for their showy flower clusters or foliage. Cf. amaranth family.
3. Chem. a purplish-red, water-soluble powder, C20H11N2O10Na3, an azo dye used chiefly to color pharmaceuticals, food, and garments.
4. purpleheart.
[1545-55; < L amarantus, alter. of Gk amáranton unfading flower, n. use of neut. sing. of amárantos, equiv. to a- A-6 + maran- (s. of maraínein to fade) + -tos verbal adj. suffix; -th- < Gk ánthos flower]

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