/euh jee"veuh/, n. Jainism.
all in the universe that is not jiva, as space, time, matter, and those things by which rest and motion are possible to objects.
[ < Skt ajiva without life, equiv. to a- A-6 + jiva living]

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Sanskrit  Ajīva, 

      in the Jainist philosophy of India, “nonliving substance,” as opposed to jiva, “soul” or “living matter.” Ajiva is divided into: (1) ākāśa, “space,” (2) dharma, “that which makes motion possible,” (3) adharma, “that which makes rest possible,” and (4) pudgala, “matter.” Pudgala consists of atoms; is eternal yet subject to change and development; is both gross (that which it is possible to see) and subtle (that which cannot be perceived by the senses). The invisible karma (causative) matter that adheres to and weighs down the soul is an example of subtle pudgala. The first three types of ajiva are necessary conditions for the subsistence of both souls and matter.

      Some of the above terms are also used in Buddhist philosophy, but with meanings that are quite different.

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