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  • Aerotactic — Aerotaxis A [ e]r*o*tax is, n. [NL. See {A[ e]ro }; {Taxis}.] (Bacteriology) The positive or negative stimulus exerted by oxygen on a[ e]robic and ana[ e]robic bacteria. {A [ e]r*o*tac tic}, a. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • aerotactic — aero·tac·tic …   English syllables

  • aerotactic — | ̷ ̷( ̷ ̷) ̷ ̷|taktik adjective Etymology: from New Latin aerotaxis, after such pairs as New Latin chemotaxis: English chemotactic : of or relating to aerotaxis * * * aerotacˈtic adjective (Gr taxis arrangement; adj taktikos) relating to or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Magnetotactic bacteria — (or MTB) are a polyphyletic group of bacteria discovered by Richard P. Blakemore in 1975, that orient along the magnetic field lines of Earth s magnetic field. To perform this task, these bacteria have organelles called magnetosomes that contain… …   Wikipedia

  • Maqsudul Alam — Born Faridpur Institutions University of Hawaii at Manoa Alma mater …   Wikipedia

  • aer|o|tac|tic — «AIR uh TAK tihk», adjective. Biology. moving toward or away from oxygen or air: »The bacteria under the coverslip…are “positively aerotactic,” aggregating around the edges where the oxygen concentration is higher than in the centre (New… …   Useful english dictionary

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