/ak'reuh tear"ee on', -ee euhn/, n., pl. acroteria /-tear"ee euh/.
[ < Gk akrotérion topmost part, extremity, equiv. to akro- ACRO- + -terion suffix designating a place for]

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plural  Acroteria,  

      in architecture, decorative pedestal for an ornament or statue placed atop the pediment of a Greek temple; the term has also been extended to refer to the statue or ornament that stands on the pedestal. Originally a petal-shaped ornament with incised pattern, such as the honeysuckle, was placed on the ridge and at the eaves at either side of the pediment. Later this ornamentation was developed into groups of statuary, as at the Temple of Apollo (420 BC) on the island of Delos; the crowning group is dominated by Eos, the dawn, being lifted up by the handsome god Cephalus. At first, acroteria were made of terra-cotta, as were the roof tiles; later they were made of stone. The acroteria of the Apollo temple are made of beautiful semitranslucent Pentelic marble.

      The acroterion is sometimes incorporated into the design of furniture; for example, it can be placed in the broken pediment of a secretary bookcase.

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