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  • megaliths — meg·a·lith || megÉ™lɪθ n. large stone used in prehistoric construction (Archeology) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • megaliths —    see *standing stones …   A Dictionary of English folklore

  • Megaliths in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern — Dolmen near Rerik In the area of present day Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany, up to 5,000 megalith tombs were erected as burial sites by people of the Neolithic Funnelbeaker (TRB) culture. More than 1,000 of them are preserved today and protected …   Wikipedia

  • Megaliths in the Urals — During the last years a lot of megaliths have been discovered in the Urals: dolmens, menhirs and a large megalithic cultic complex of the Vera Island. Contents 1 Dolmens of the Middle Urals 2 Menhirs 3 Vera Island …   Wikipedia

  • Medway megaliths — The Medway megaliths or Medway tombs are names given to a group of Neolithic chambered long barrows and other megaliths located in the lower valley of the River Medway in the English county of Kent. They are the only group of megaliths in eastern …   Wikipedia

  • Megalith — Megalithic tomb, Mane Braz, Brittany …   Wikipedia

  • Carnac stones — The Ménec alignments, the most well known megalithic site amongst the Carnac stones …   Wikipedia

  • Nabta Playa — Note approximate location circled near bottom. Nabta Playa was once a large basin in the Nubian Desert, located approximately 800 kilometers south of modern day Cairo[1] or about 100 kilometers west of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt …   Wikipedia

  • Menhir — Large menhir located between Millstreet and Ballinagree, County Cork, Ireland. A menhir (French, from Middle Breton : men, stone + hir, long[1]) is a large upright standing stone. Menhirs may be found singly as monoliths, or as part of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Dolmens of North Caucasus — Dolmen near the Zhane river Concentrations of megaliths, dolmens and stone labyrinths have been found (but little studied) throughout the Caucasus Mountains, including the Abkhazia. Most of them are represented by rectangular structures made of… …   Wikipedia

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