Red, ruddy. Oldest form *ə₁reudh-.
Derivatives include red, robust, corroborate, ruby, and rubric.
I. O-grade form *roudh-.
a. red, from Old English rēad, red;
b. rorqual, from Old Norse raudhr, red. Both a and b from Germanic *raudaz.
2. rowan, from a source akin to Old Norse reynir, mountain ash, rowan (from its red berries), from Germanic *raudnia-.
3. rufescent, rufous, from Latin rūfus (of dialectal Italic origin), reddish.
4. rubiginous, from Latin rōbus, red.
5. roble, roborant, robust; corroborate, rambunctious, from Latin rōbur, rōbus, red oak, hardness, and rōbustus, strong.
II. Zero-grade form *rudh-.
1. Suffixed form *rudh-ā-.
a. ruddle, from Old English rudu, red color;
b. ruddock, from Old English rudduc, robin;
c. ruddy, from Old English rudig, ruddy. a-c all from Germanic *rudō.
2. Suffixed form *rudh-sto-. rust, from Old English rūst (also rust?), rust, from Germanic *rust-.
3. rouge, rubeola, ruby; rubefacient, from Latin rubeus, red.
4. rubicund, from Latin rubicundus, red, ruddy.
5. rubidium, from Latin rūbidus, red.
6. Suffixed (stative) form *rudh-ē-. rubescent, from Latin rubēre, to be red.
7. Suffixed form *rudh-ro-.
a. rubella, rubric; bilirubin, from Latin ruber, red;
b. rutilant, rutile, from Latin rutilus, reddish;
c. erythema, erythro-, from Greek eruthros, red (with prothetic vowel from oldest zero-grade form *ərudh-);
d. erysipelas, from possibly remade Greek erusi-, red, reddening.
8. Suffixed form *rudh-to-. rissole, roux, russet, from Latin russus, red.
[Pokorny reudh- 872.]

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