To see. Oldest form *ə₃ekʷ-, colored to *ə₃okʷ-, zero-grade *ə₃kʷ-.
Derivatives include eye, daisy, window, inoculate, and autopsy.
a. eye; daisy, from Old English ēage, eye;
b. walleyed, window, from Old Norse auga, eye;
c. ogle, from Low German oog, oge, eye. a-c all from Germanic *augōn- (with taboo deformation).
2. Suffixed form *okʷ-olo-.
b. inveigle, from French aveugle, blind, from Gallo-Latin compound *ab-oculus, blind, calqued on Gaulish exs-ops, blind.
3. Form *okʷ-s. ceratopsian, metopic, myopia, nyctalopia, Pelops, phlogopite, prosopography, prosopopoeia, pyrope, triceratops, from Greek ōps, eye (and stem *op-, to see).
4. Suffixed form *okʷ-ti-. opsin, -opsis, -opsy; autopsy, dropsy, iodopsin, rhodopsin, synopsis, from Greek opsis, sight, appearance.
5. Suffixed form *okʷ-to-. optic; diopter, optoelectronics, optometry, panoptic, from Greek optos, seen, visible.
6. Suffixed form *okʷ-ā-. metope, from Greek opē, opening.
7. Suffixed form *okʷ-mn̥. ommatidium, ommatophore, from Greek omma (< *opma), eye.
8. Suffixed form *okʷ-tro-. catoptric, from Greek katoptron, “back-looker,” mirror (kata-, down, back; see kat-).
9. ophthalmo-; exophthalmos, from Greek ophthalmos, eye (with taboo deformation).
10. Zero-grade form *əkʷ-, in compounds (see ant-, āter-, ghwer-).
[Pokorny okᵘ̯- 775.]

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