Great. Oldest form *meg̑-, becoming *meg- in centum languages.
Derivatives include much, magnate, mayor, maestro, and maharajah.
a. mickle, much, from Old English micel, mycel, great;
b. mickle, from Old Norse mikill. Both a and b from Germanic suffixed form *mik-ila-.
3. Suffixed (comparative) form *mag-yos-.
a. major, major-domo, majority, majuscule, mayor, from Latin māior, greater;
b. maestoso, majesty, from Latin māiestās, greatness, authority;
c. maestro, magisterial, magistral, magistrate, master, Mister, mistral, mistress, from Latin magister, master, high official (< “he who is greater”).
4. Suffixed (superlative) form *mag-samo-. maxim, maximum, from Latin maximus, greatest.
5. Suffixed (feminine) form *mag-ya-, “she who is great.” may2, May, from Latin Maia, name of a goddess.
6. Suffixed form *meg-ə-(l-). mega-, megalo-; acromegaly, omega, from Greek megas (stem megal-), great.
7. Suffixed (superlative) form meg-(ə)-isto-. Almagest, Hermes Trismegistus, from Greek megistos, greatest.
8. Variant form *megh- (< *meg-ə-). Mahabharata, maharajah, maharani, maharishi, mahatma, Mahayana, mahout, from Sanskrit mahā-, mahat-, great.
[Pokorny meg̑(h)- 708.]

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