See breathily.

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  • breathiness — ˈbrethēnə̇s, thin noun ( es) : the quality of being breathy singing with a noticeable breathiness * * * breathiness see breathy a. 2 …   Useful english dictionary

  • breathiness — noun see breathy …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • breathiness — noun a) The state or quality of being breathy. b) The result or product of being breathy …   Wiktionary

  • breathiness — n. quality of being breathy, quality of having audible breath sounds …   English contemporary dictionary

  • breathiness — breath·i·ness …   English syllables

  • breathy — breathiness, n. /breth ee/, adj., breathier, breathiest. (of the voice) characterized by audible or excessive emission of breath. [1520 30; BREATH + Y1] * * * …   Universalium

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  • breathy — adjective (breathier; est) Date: 1883 characterized or accompanied by or as if by the audible passage of breath • breathily adverb • breathiness noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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