Bosniaand Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina or Bos·ni·a-Her·ze·go·vi·na or Bos·ni·a-Her·ce·go·vi·na (bŏz'nē-ə-hĕrtʹsə-gō'vē-nə, -gō-vē'-, hûrtʹ-) Commonly known as Bosnia.
A country of the northwest Balkan Peninsula. It was a constituent republic of Yugoslavia from 1946 to 1991, when it declared its independence. In 1992 the country erupted in war among Serb, Croat, and Muslim factions. A peace agreement was reached in November 1995 by Balkan leaders in Dayton, Ohio, which called for the creation of two substates, a Muslim-Croat federation to govern one half of the country and a Bosnian Serb republic to constitute the other half, united under a newly created national presidency, assembly, court, and central bank. Population: 3,527,000.

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