I. William I1, Known as “William the Conqueror.” 1027?-1087.
King of England (1066-1087) and duke of Normandy (1035-1087). He led the Norman invasion of England (1066) after being promised the English throne by his cousin Edward the Confessor. He defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings and as king adopted a feudal constitution.
  II. William I2, Prince of Orange. Known as “William the Silent.” 1533-1584.
Dutch stadholder (1579-1584) who was made governor of Holland, Zeeland, and Utrecht (1559) by Phillip II of Spain. Spurred by the Spanish persecution of Protestants, he led a revolt against Spanish rule (1568-1576).
  III. William I3 also Wilhelm I, 1797-1888.
King of Prussia (1861-1888) and emperor of Germany (1871-1888) whose reign was marked by war with Austria (1866), the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), and the wide reforms introduced by Bismarck.

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