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  • Blazonment — Bla zon*ment (bl[=a] z n*ment), n. The act of blazoning; blazoning; emblazonment. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • blazonment — …   Useful english dictionary

  • blazon — blazoner, n. blazonment, n. /blay zeuhn/, v.t. 1. to set forth conspicuously or publicly; display; proclaim: The pickets blazoned their grievances on placards. 2. to adorn or embellish, esp. brilliantly or showily. 3. to describe in heraldic… …   Universalium

  • arm — I n 1. forelimb, anterior limb, brachium; appendage, limb, branch, ramification, bough, offshoot, scion; handle, lever, crosspiece, axle. 2. inlet, estuary, mouth; cove, lagoon, bay, bight, gulf; fiord, frith, Chiefly Scot. firth, channel, strait …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • blazon —   n. coat of arms; banner, etc., bearing heraldic device; v.t. delineate or describe such object; adorn; announce loudly.    ♦ blazonment, n.    ♦ blazonry, n. art of delineating such objects; colourful display …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • blazon — [blā′zən] n. [ME blasoun < OFr blason, a shield, blazon] 1. a coat of arms; heraldic shield, emblem, or banner 2. a technical description or illustration of a coat of arms in accordance with the rules of heraldry 3. showy display vt. [< the …   English World dictionary

  • blazon — v. & n. 1 proclaim (esp. blazon abroad). 2 Heraldry a describe or paint (arms). b inscribe or paint (an object) with arms, names, etc. n. 1 Heraldry a a shield, coat of arms, bearings, or a banner. b a correct description of these. 2 a… …   Useful english dictionary

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