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  • trisoctahedron — trisoctahedral, adj. /tris ok teuh hee dreuhn/, n., pl. trisoctahedrons, trisoctahedra / dreuh/. a solid bounded by 24 identical faces in groups of three, each group corresponding to one face of an octahedron. [1840 50; < Gk trís thrice +… …   Universalium

  • trisoctahedron — /trɪsˌɒktəˈhidrən/ (say tris.oktuh heedruhn) noun (plural trisoctahedrons or trisoctahedra /trɪsˌɒktəˈhidrə/ (say tris.oktuh heedruh)) a solid bounded by twenty four equal faces, three corresponding to each face of an octahedron, called… …   Australian English dictionary

  • trisoctahedron — [tris äk΄tə hē′drən] n. [Gr tris, thrice (< treis,THREE) + OCTAHEDRON] an isometric solid figure or crystal consisting of an octahedron that has each face divided into three faces trisoctahedral adj …   English World dictionary

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