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  • pithecanthropic — pith·e·can·throp·ic …   English syllables

  • pithecanthropic — |pithə̇ˌkan|thräpik adjective Etymology: New Latin pithecanthropus + English ic : of, relating to, or resembling pithecanthropi …   Useful english dictionary

  • pithecanthrope — pithecanthropic /pith i keuhn throp ik/, pithecanthropine /pith i kan threuh puyn /, adj. pithecanthropid /pith i kan threuh pid, keuhn throh pid, throp id/, n., adj. /pith i kan throhp, pith i keuhn throhp /, n. (sometimes cap.) a member of the… …   Universalium

  • pithecanthropine — [pith΄i kan′thrōpoid΄, pith΄ə kan′thrəpoid΄pith΄i kan′thrə pīn΄, pith΄i kan′thrəpin] adj. 〚see PITHECANTHROPUS ERECTUS & INE1〛 of, belonging to, or resembling a former genus (Pithecanthropus, now classified as …   Universalium

  • pithecanthrope — n. any prehistoric apelike human of the extinct genus Pithecanthropus, now considered to be part of the genus Homo (see also JAVA MAN). Etymology: Gk pithekos ape + anthropos man * * * ˌpithə̇ˈkanˌthrōp, ˈpithə̇kən noun ( s) Etymology: New Latin …   Useful english dictionary

  • pithecanthropid — I. | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷|kan(t)thrəpə̇d; ˌkan|thrōp , räp adjective Etymology: New Latin Pithecanthropidae : pithecanthropic II. noun ( s …   Useful english dictionary

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