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  • phenomenologically — adverb In a manner characteristic of phenomenology or of phenomenological philosophy. There is no question that, phenomenologically considered, the experience of perceiving and the experience of having a hallucination are sufficiently similar… …   Wiktionary

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  • phenomenologically — phe·nom·e·no·logically …   English syllables

  • phenomenologically — adverb see phenomenological …   Useful english dictionary

  • Bacteriocin — Bacteriocins are proteinaceous toxins produced by bacteria to inhibit the growth of similar or closely related bacterial strain(s). They are typically considered to be narrow spectrum antibiotics, though this has been debated.[1] They are… …   Wikipedia

  • Phenomenology (philosophy) — Phenomenology is the study of phenomena (from Greek, meaning that which appears ) and how they appear to us from a first person perspective. In modern times, it usually refers to the philosophy developed by Edmund Husserl, which is primarily… …   Wikipedia

  • Orientifold — In theoretical physics orientifold is a generalization of the notion of orbifold, proposed by Augusto Sagnotti in 1987. The novelty is that in the case of string theory the non trivial element(s) of the orbifold group includes the reversal of the …   Wikipedia

  • Nuclear force — This article is about the force that holds nucleons together in a nucleus. For the force that holds quarks together in a nucleon, see Strong interaction. A Feynman diagram of a strong proton neutron interaction mediated by a neutral pion. Time… …   Wikipedia

  • Noema — (plural: noemata) derives from the Greek word νόημα meaning thought or what is thought about.[1] Edmund Husserl used noema as a technical term in Phenomenology to stand for the object or content of a thought, judgment or perception, but its… …   Wikipedia

  • Phenomenological Sociology — is the study of the formal structures of concrete social existence as made available in and through the analytical description of acts of intentional consciousness. The object of such an analysis is the meaningful lived world of everyday life:… …   Wikipedia

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