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  • availingly — adverb In an availing manner. Ant: unavailingly See Also: avail, unavailingly …   Wiktionary

  • availingly — availˈingly adverb • • • Main Entry: ↑avail …   Useful english dictionary

  • avail — availingly, adv. /euh vayl /, v.t. 1. to be of use or value to; profit; advantage: All our efforts availed us little in trying to effect a change. v.i. 2. to be of use; have force or efficacy; serve; help: His strength did not avail against the… …   Universalium

  • avail — 1. verb a) To turn to the advantage of I availed myself of the opportunity. b) To be of service to. Artifices will not avail the sinner in the day of judgment. Ant: disavail …   Wiktionary

  • unavailingly — adverb In an unavailing manner. Ant: availingly See Also: avail …   Wiktionary

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