Some properties of normal hydrogen and deuterium

Some properties of normal hydrogen and deuterium
normal hydrogen deuterium
Atomic hydrogen
atomic number 1 1
atomic weight 1.0080 2.0141
ionization potential 13.595 electron volts 13.600 electron volts
electron affinity 0.7542 electron volts 0.754 electron volts
nuclear spin 1/2 1
nuclear magnetic moment (nuclear magnetons) 2.7927 0.8574
nuclear quadrupole moment 0 2.77(10−27) square centimetres
electronegativity (Pauling) 2.1 Some properties of normal hydrogen and deuterium2.1
Molecular hydrogen
bond distance 0.7416 angstrom 0.7416 angstrom
dissociation energy (25 degrees C) 104.19 kilocalories per mole 105.97 kilocalories per mole
ionization potential 15.427 electron volts 15.457 electron volts
density of solid 0.08671 gram per cubic centimetre 0.1967 gram per cubic centimetre
melting point −259.20 degrees Celsius −254.43 degrees Celsius
heat of fusion 28 calories per mole 47 calories per mole
density of liquid 0.07099
(−252.78 degrees) 0.1630
(−249.75 degrees)
boiling point −252.77 degrees Celsius −249.49 degrees Celsius
heat of vaporization 216 calories per mole 293 calories per mole
critical temperature −240.0 degrees Celsius −243.8 degrees Celsius
critical pressure 13.0 atmospheres 16.4 atmospheres
critical density 0.0310 gram per cubic centimetre 0.0668 gram per cubic centimetre
heat of combustion to water (g) −57.796 kilocalories per mole −59.564 kilocalories per mole
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