20 nearest stars

The 20 nearest stars
name visual magnitude* and spectral type distance in light-years** visual luminosity relative to the Sun
A*** B***     A***       B***
Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri) 11.01 M5.5 Ve   4.2 0.00005
Alpha Centauri (A and B only) 0.00 G2 V 1.35 K1 V   4.4 1.41 0.405
Barnard's star 9.54 M5 V   5.9 0.00039
Wolf 359 13.46 M6.5 Ve   7.8 0.00002
BD +36 2147 7.49 M2 V   8.3 0.00506
Sirius –1.44 A1 V 8.44 DA 2   8.6 20.2 0.00226
Luyten 726-8 12.56 M5.5 Ve 12.96 M5.5 Ve   8.7 0.00005 0.00004
Ross 154 10.37 M3.6 Ve   9.7 0.00049
Ross 248 12.27 M5.5 Ve 10.3 0.0001
Epsilon Eridani 3.72 K2 V 10.5 0.26
CD –36 15693 7.35 M2 V 10.7 0.00961
Ross 128 11.12 M4 V 10.9 0.00031
Luyten 789-6 12.32 M5 Ve 11.2 0.00011
61 Cygni 5.20 K5 V 6.05 K7 V 11.4 0.0784 0.0358
Procyon 0.40 F5 IV-V 10.70 DZ 11.4 6.54 0.0005
BD +59 1915 8.94 M3.4 V 11.5 0.00257
BD +43 44 8.09 M2 V 11.10 M4 V 11.6 0.00571 0.00036
Gliese 51-15 14.81 M6.5 Ve 11.8 0.00001
Epsilon Indi 4.69 K4 Ve 11.8 0.135
Tau Ceti 3.49 G8 V 11.9 0.413
*Negative magnitudes are brightest, and one magnitude difference corresponds to a difference in brightness of 2.5 times; e.g., a star of magnitude –1 is 10 times brighter than one of magnitude 1.5.
**One light-year equals about 9.46 trillion km.
***A and B are brighter and fainter components, respectively, of star.
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