Sound levels for nonlinear (decibel) and linear (intensity) scales

Sound levels for nonlinear (decibel) and linear (intensity) scales
decibels intensity* type of sound
130 10 artillery fire at close proximity (threshold of pain)
120   1 amplified rock music; near jet engine
110 10–1   loud orchestral music, in audience
100 10–2   electric saw
90 10–3   bus or truck interior
80 10–4   automobile interior
70 10–5   average street noise; loud telephone bell
60 10–6   normal conversation; business office
50 10–7   restaurant; private office
40 10–8   quiet room in home
30 10–9   quiet lecture hall; bedroom
20 10–10 radio, television, or recording studio
10 10–11 soundproof room
0 10–12 absolute silence (threshold of hearing)
*In watts per square metre.
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