Selected shorthair breeds of cats

Selected shorthair breeds of cats
name origin characteristics comments
Abyssinian probably Egypt regal appearance; lithe body with long, slender legs resembles the sacred cat of ancient Egypt
American Shorthair U.S. broad, muscular body; thick, dense fur hardy; natural hunter
American Wirehair U.S. medium to large in size; curly coat rare outside the U.S.
Bengal U.S. spotted coat; hind legs shorter than forelegs cross between Asian leopard cat and American Shorthair tabby
Bombay U.S. elegant appearance; resembles Indian black leopard cross between Burmese and black American Shorthair
British Shorthair (domestic shorthair) England broad body with short legs; short, thick tail oldest natural English breed; many varieties
Burmese Burma medium-sized; glossy, thick coat related to the Siamese
Chartreux France robust; all shades of blue-gray one of the oldest natural breeds
Cornish Rex (Rex cat) England curly, short coat; large ears named after the Rex rabbit
Devon Rex (Rex cat) England coat slightly coarser than Cornish Rex; pixie face nicknamed "poodle cat"
Egyptian Mau Egypt graceful body; distinct spot pattern and banded tail mau is Egyptian for "cat"
Japanese Bobtail Japan triangular head with large ears; rabbitlike tail symbol of good luck
Korat Thailand silver-blue coat; heart-shaped face native name Si-Sawat; considered to be good luck
Manx Isle of Man tailless or with stump; double coat tailless gene can cause skeletal defects and stillbirths if not bred with a tailed cat
Ocicat U.S. typically cream coat with dark or light brown spots and markings cross between Abyssinian and Siamese
Oriental Shorthair U.S., U.K. long, lithe body; vivid green eyes numerous colours unique to the breed
Russian Blue Russia blue with silver tipping; plush, double coat; fine-boned, but muscular considered omens of good luck
Scottish Fold Scotland typically folded ears; short, round, well-padded body folded ear gene can cause crippling when two such types are mated
Siamese Asia sapphire-blue eyes; long, lean body noted for its intelligence and unpredictable behaviour
Sphynx Canada hairless; large ears rare outside North America
Tonkinese U.S. blue-green eyes; medium-sized cross between Siamese and Burmese
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